24 February 2005, 02:10 by mark hoekstra

Ultimate Speaker

Ha! I’m not going to discuss audio here… If there’s pseudo-technical subject where everybody has a different opinion about, audio must be it… It’s even worse than computers…

Anyway, for a while now I’m in search of ‘the ultimate speaker’ and then of course imho. I think I found the speaker that comes closest to my own ideas about how it should be…



My own idea was also to have a big separate bass in it’s own enclosure and a midrange/tweeter on top of that. I want to drive each one of these with 2 monoblocks out of my NAD 916’s, so a dedicated monoblock for each enclosure(2 per side, 4 for a stereopair)... and an external (active?) cross-over-filter.

BTW, the site of the maker of this speaker is also very nice:

Humble Homemade Hifi

...and yes! this guy uses CAT5 as speakercable also!

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