21 February 2005, 01:17 by mark hoekstra

a 'new' digital camera

Well, quite by surprise I bought a new digital camera from someone I know (Hoi Loek)... I’m quite pleased with this camera (I just have it a couple of hours), all seems well and a major improvement over my old camera, a Fuji Finepix 1300. It’s a Sony DSC-S70, a camera that got very good reviews a couple of years ago and now for sale for very little money compared to it’s initial value and all because you can get 3.3 megapixel camera’s new from about EUR 130 I guess… Anyway, this suits me better cause you all know I have this thing for proven technology :-)



Well, only thing missing here is pics I actually made with this new camera… but that has to wait since I forgot to take the USB-cable when I went over to pick up the camera and don’t have some kind of memory-stick-reader… :-) But, a nice opportunity to place the last pics I probably make with my old camera. I don’t think I’ll sell it, it wouldn’t raise much and it’s always handy to have another digital camera around, for if you go to some more hazardous places (parties!)...

Well, I got my USB-cable now, so here are some sample-pics.






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