31 January 2005, 20:43 by mark hoekstra

Gnome is here to stay!

I annoyed myself of having not-so-current applications on my workstation and I had updating them already a long time on my short-list. I wasn’t sure if it would give me trouble, but only with some freetime ahead I dared doing it because I knew I wouldn’t only update my browser… And indeed, I got errors by trying to only emerge my browser so in the end I updated it all, and than I really mean all :-) I started off with a fresh kernel from scratch and an ‘emerge u world’, around 12 hours later everything was recompiled, switching from XFree>Xorg in between ;-) And now? after configuring all major applications it feels like a new system (and somehow it is, only all my settings/mail/applications/etc. are still there).

This all feels like a system that’s going to please me well, I used Gnome 2.4 but now I made a jump to 2.8.1 and finally, I have the 1.0-versions of both Firefox and Thunderbird running… It’s so current, it’s hip!


And the killer-function in Gnome for me(my setup), the native SMB-support! I had making my Samba-server also a NFS-server on my short-list(which isn’t so short, you can imagine), but I don’t have to go that way anymore. I don’t have to ftp back&forth anymore and that’s just awesome :-)


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