26 January 2005, 01:35 by mark hoekstra

Paper, Scissors, Stone

Yesterday I was reintroduced with ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’, by two lovely ladies(should that have anything to do with my interest in the game?), anyway, now it seems a computer does also in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. So, what’s so special about that then? It learned it himself, just by watching humans, nobody told him to ‘learn’ the game(at least, that’s how I read it)...


official site

Now, I wonder if it could learn cricket just by watching(then it could explain the rules to me for instance)... Oh, and isn’t this one step closer to ‘Open the pod baydoors, HAL’ ? Not that I’m worried or such, but I guess stupid bargames are more fun with humans :-)

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  1. Audrey @ 26 January 2005, 21:53 :

    Haha @ Geek Technique!
    So did you know that you can win 24/7 almost every time @ r, p, s?
    Just imagine what the other person will do.
    Its definately easy.

  2. Natasha @ 27 January 2005, 03:59 :

    It would definately be cool if we could learn a sport by just watching it(in my case it would be lacrosse)- who knows – maybe I’ll invent that someday ;) hmm…..adds to make-an-invention-someday list

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