12 January 2005, 17:16 by mark hoekstra

an old benchmark

Sometimes I go over all kinds of old documentation and I love the way how (most of the times) now obsolete hardware is considered god-like :-)

Anyway, it was like this I came across HolliDance. I read about it quite some time ago, but since I’m planning on a project with an old SGI, I’m spelling out SGI Advice and Technical Data-page again and there’s quite some information on how Holli is performing on all kinds of old SGI’s…

The HolliDance Benchmark

So… there’s not much software around to compare cross-platform, so when I saw there also was a Windows-version on David White’s excellent page, I thought “Let’s roughly benchmark my Media Center (since that’s the only windows-box left and there seems to be a Holli for every platform except linux…).

So I did…


And it seems that’s about the same result David gets on a Dell PIII and a GF2? I don’t know what the reason for that is… Well, of course, Windows isn’t the most efficient platform on the universe :-)

Anyway, I’m curious how it will perform on my soon-to-be new graphicscard (bought 2nd hand, will be here any time soon), because that card is about double of what I have now... Really I have no idea if this benchmark is running on the CPU or if it uses any of the 3D-hardware I have in that system…

UPDATE 17 jan 2005
Well, even though it’s an old benchmark, it’s pretty accurate. On my 9700 Pro I get around 110-120fps which is almost triple of what I got on my 9600, and that’s the same as what I see in more current benchmarks (like 3DMark01/03/05) in 3DMark 2003 for instance, I went from 1500 points to about 5000+ points :-)

Anyway, one thing I know for sure will use the power of this card is:


I’m eager to play, but I’ll wait till my new card arrives, so I can watch this great engine in full glory

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