11 January 2005, 20:55 by mark hoekstra


Well, even though this is freshhhhhh (I think I even posted it earlier than /.)... it already looks Steve Jobs has a heck of a lot more interesting keynote-speech than Bill Gates (and that is what it’s all about, isn’t it?)...

The moment we all been waiting for… will there be a sub-$500 iMac?... the answer is YES


It’s called the Mac Mini so no iHome or such… :-)

Imho this would make a great little homeserver too, small, enough oomph(more than mine, that’s for sure), call it iServe and everybody can make a ‘powered by Mac’ page, running on his/her broadband-line…

Thanks go out to Veerle for the live coverage. I’m sure I’ll see a video with the whole keynote-speech somewhere coming days… (and I’m sure there will be less technological glitches than in Billy’s speech... oh, and of course Steve Jobs doesn’t need Conan O’Brien as a sidekick…)

Oeh… is that slick or what?... at the end of the keynote-speech… apple.com is already updated with the new products… including of course… ze Mac Mini!

A quick extensive coverage of the keynote-speech can be found over at MacWorld

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