8 January 2005, 01:42 by mark hoekstra

Come On People Now, De-Lurking weekend it is!

Through my bookmark of .html#more” target=”_blank”>De-Lurking... and I need some too… :-)


“I know you’re out there. My stats tell me you’re out there. And today you have a once in a lifetime chance to let your presence be known.

Well, okay, technically you have that chance everyday, but today this weekend is De-Lurking Day! Weekend! A special day weekend celebrating lurkers, and exhorting you to muster the strength and bravery to click on that comment button and end the deafening silence.”


So tell me who you are or tell whatever you want, whatever, it really doesn’t matter what you tell… as long as you do… so please… make me smile and leave a comment…

pretty please with sugar on top?

Allright, for once I beg for comments and guess what? My server has a very unusual bork-out… so 24 hours after this post, there still are 0 comments… OMG ;-)

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  1. brob @ 9 January 2005, 17:09 :

    Here as always.

    Come on ppl I know I’m not the only one.

  2. Richard Prixon @ 9 January 2005, 18:17 :

    Well, this is a success… Sure there are more visitors, besides the ones looking for lamborghini, chicks and video’s? Be honest to your visitors and cut the hardware geek crap, since it is just a big waste of webspace…

  3. mark @ 9 January 2005, 18:55 :

    >big waste of webspace…

    As if webspace is a scarce commodity LOL

  4. the unknown lurker @ 9 January 2005, 21:34 :

    If I remember correctly I stumbled across your pages somewhen around May 2004 looking for some SGI pictures and I’ve really enjoyed reading about your various projects since then (even the trivial ones like “moving”).

    To add a little story… some weeks ago, deep down in the dungeons beneath my office, I happened to discover a pile of SGI Indys, complete with 17” monitors, mice, keyboards & Indycams, awaiting their final destiny at the recycling center. I hardly could resist at first, but then I thought: “wait… they only have slow R4600 CPUs, ridiculous 32MB, and the frequently failing Nidec power supply. Where am I gonna put it in my tiny appartment? What am I gonna do with it that one of my other computers can’t do better?”. A few weeks later they were gone.

    And then I read about you setting up a webserver on a 68k Mac that makes the Indy look like a racing car, argh.

    Anyways… I’m online since 1994 and this my first comment in any blog ever. Consider yourself lucky :-)

  5. Matt Spiers @ 11 January 2005, 05:52 :

    Your projects are inspirational, and I have been following your site for almost a year now? maybe less.

  6. mark @ 11 January 2005, 21:27 :

    Even though there are not a lot of comments… these are some very good ones. So thanks go out who did and I’ll keep up with this site :-)

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