3 January 2005, 13:52 by mark hoekstra

68K Macintosh Web Server Directory

Yes, that’s right… now there’s a list which has the most(I guess) of the Mac 68K webservers around the globe! (including mine) ;-)


It seemed somehow that my LC475 was as unstable as Uranium-235 and I couldn’t figure out why… until this morning, when I found out that the last entry in my access_log was…

msnbot.msn.com - - [03/Jan/2005:05:21:32 +0000]

Let me explain, I didn’t have a robots.txt in my root-dir and so it started crawling around and thereby also trying the /cgi-bin/ dir… which I didn’t use, but because of some configuration-error, that halted my little machine… and since this bot came more frequently… my machine crashed more frequently :)

So, I really hope this was the one reason causing the instability, cause I really like to run this LC475 for a long time…


My little LC475 is still here

...and if you really start to become enthusiastic… join the 68K Macintosh Liberation Army!

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