20 August 2004, 01:17 by mark hoekstra

Doom3 on my CRT-beamer

Well, since I spend all my free time at my new Video Projection System, that’s also all the news I have… Oh, and I thought, since I played some Doom3 on my television, and ran it on my linux workstation, playing it on my big screen is a logical next step… and I’m not even half way through setting this thing up properly… o_0 :-)


again, for comparison :-) (I took this photo with my phone, a Nokia 7610, on nightmode and with the selftimer)


(and a picture, made without a flash with my good-old Fuji Finepix 1300)

...so where to go from here? Somewhere this year I’m gonna put linux on my HTPC also, it already is my last system running the famous OS from Redmond and I want 2004 to be the last year I used it, period :-)


...oh and before I forget, the Video Projection System is also an excellent coffeetable! (not to mention another great quality of this thing… it’s dead silent! no fans, no strange cooling, nothing…)

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