18 August 2004, 00:36 by mark hoekstra

Big Pimpin’ TV (80’s style)

Well, I kept an eye on CRT-beamers for a while now and yesterday I found this Sony KP-5020 out of 198? (84?) for small money and picked it up tonight :-) So, first impression? Great deal, needs some work though, but well… As you can imagine, I’m not afraid of that…

all pics are clickable


for comparison… my old TV is underneath… I went from 55cm to 55 inch :-)



Aaaaah, don’t you just love analogue controls? ;-) (adjusting these properly is gonna cost me a day I guess)



Well, the seller mentioned something about this CRT-projector (then known as a Projection TV) is to be seen in Scarface... Well, I let the work on the projector itself rest for now, but I couldn’t help watching Scarface on the fast-forward to find the scene… and I found it! :-)


Yes yes… that table is the one!


Look, he just turned the table on! ;-)


Oh, here’s a thought… making a kitsch frame around the screen :-)

Now all I need is a Testarossa and a white suit ;-) (yeah yeah yeah, that’s Miami Vice, I know…)


Well, I opened her up tonight to be sure it’s all allright inside and it looked good to me.. cleaned a little bit and I connected the magic box to my PC… since there’s only a tuner inside I needed to convert the signal from composite to an antennasignal, but hey, it works!

PC connected to Sony CRT-beamer

...more to follow…

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  1. Sam @ 27 August 2004, 01:26 :

    I saw a three tube in a skip once and the remains of another smashed up outside a pub I frequent. Such a shame. Glad to see decent Technology isn’t going to waste.

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