16 August 2004, 01:35 by mark hoekstra

Doom3 on linux!

Yes, that’s right… I’ve got Doom3 running on my linux workstation :-)

I already had quite a cosy setup for this great game,


...but today I came across the news that Doom3 would be playable through Cedega, a windows-emulator(more or less)... and after some searching I found this great howto.

So… after following the steps of this howto, it simply worked!


The facts every geek wants to know, but is afraid to ask ;-)
Q: ...and, is it playable on linux?
A: oh yes, to my surprise actually…

Q:How does it compare?
A:Well… it’s only a little slower on my dual XP2400+ with ti4200 than on my XP2800+ with ATI9600… the game runs on 1 processor though and I think the ‘official’ binaries will be able to use both and I expect some improvements due to efficiency of the whole package… but it works!


...and it works in multimonitormode also! :-)


Q:...and this is still playable?
A:Noooo, but is that the point? Of course not… Anyway, your crosshair is exactly in the middle of the 2 monitors, so that means I would need 3 monitors to have it back where it belongs :-) Next to that, this is pushing the capabilities of my hardware enormously, so I’ll change back to one monitor and wait till I win the lotto to buy me a quad-opteron with dual PCI-Express-cards and a desk full of 20” TFT’s :-)

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