15 August 2004, 00:29 by mark hoekstra

cartoons drawn on the back of business cards

I had this site in my bookmarks somewhere… and stumbled upon it tonight :-)


Don’t forget to check out the “How to be creative…”-thread also, very interesting imho

...and in the meantime I’m deciding where to take this page (yes, the one you’re reading now) from here… I want to make it more dynamic and such and I need more horsepower than the current 180Mhz (even if it’s MIPS RISC and such)... So after a long debate and searching auctionsites (and getting rid of my malfunctioning Origin 200) I decided I couldn’t find a true unix-box for small money and so I’m gonna build a box myself, as a 2nd best option… Now guess three times what I’m gonna take as a basis?


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