4 August 2004, 22:39 by mark hoekstra

a new phone!

Only six months ago I had this yellow Siemens M35 which was quite convenient for the thing phones are made for, making/receiving a phonecall…

But this smartphone-stuff also got my attention and a couple of months ago I got a n-gage(for free!) and now I already got to choose a new phone(I could go and explain why, but is that interesting? naaaah)

Anyway, after comparing all the current phones on the Nokia-site I chose the fairly new 7610 and darn! I only have it a couple of hours, but it’s a winner! ;-)


Here’s an image to compare both my phones.

...and a little test, a pic made with my good old Fuji Finepix 1300 and my new phone, at the same moment :-) (...and then I moved the Fuji… not on purpose though…)

And an unaltered picture(not resized, no nothing), because this is was the first megapixel phone (there are already some more now)... a pic of your favourite geek! (yeah yeah yeah, I changed the pic :-)) ...and if that one scares you, here’s an unaltered pic of my livingroom.

yeah, I know, I look(ed) like sh*t today… but hey, are you a girl? don’t think so… and if you are… hey pssst, I got two symbian-phones, wanna play a bluetooth multiplayergame? :-)

UPDATE as you can imagine, I kept on playing with my new phone and I also tested the video-capturing ability of this phone :-)

I’ve got 2 files, the original file which came from my phone, a .3gp-file which should play in Quicktime and/or Realplayer

here (33 seconds)

...but since I think .avi and such are more common for most people, I managed to convert the file(thanks to this) to a more common .avi, xvid-compressed, with mp3-sound(lame-encoder).

...and that one’s here (also 33 seconds)

This is only a small test, the phone is capable of shooting up to 10 minutes a time (and you can do that several times in a row!)

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