3 August 2004, 14:53 by mark hoekstra

back up!

Pffff… that took a long time, but we’re back… Thing was that this site is co-located and the router borked out when the owner of that was on holiday and no one could enter the serverroom...

So, this little server hasn’t been down… it was only unreachable, we’re at 296 days uptime now LOL

Well, we’re here and that’s most important… on with the geekstuff!

In the meantime I bought something for my stereo for a change, instead of computerequipment :-)

Well… I think as being stereo-equipment it comes as close to computerequipment as you can get, but well, who cares?


my new processeur d’ambiance numerique

Anyway, it’s a full-blown dolby-digital-processor and in combination with my ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe, with NVIDIA’s Soundstorm, still the only hardware Dolby® Digital 5.1 real-time encoder on the market, I have all the settings I can dream of… plenty in the control panel on my HTPC and then some in my new processor :-)

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