6 March 2004, 01:26 by mark hoekstra

The Tao of Mac

Well, not much news at the moment… I’m waiting for my new phone :-) (to give a hint(or give-away), you’re supposed to sidetalk with it and it seems that it’s going to flop (like I care, it’s the cheapest symbian-phone out there).

Anyway, let’s enlighten ourselves with this beautiful page I came across…

The Tao of Mac

...well, because using a Mac is a lot like Taoism: It just happens. Things just (mostly) work, and it doesn’t get in the way of enjoying other stuff.

P.S. It’s subtitle(motto?) is ‘Tech Made Simple’... maybe I should try that some time;-)

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  1. Colin @ 6 March 2004, 22:59 :

    I’ve been looking for some information for ages, and it just occurred to me that you might be the man to help.

    I know you’re an expert on old hardware, so if you have any idea what this is:


    I would be very grateful. And also its specs too, if you know.



  2. mark @ 7 March 2004, 15:39 :

    Well… it looks nice, that’s for sure! (but then, I find every 19” rackmountable piece of hardware nice).

    I suspect it’s some custommade 19” equipment and then it could be anything, not particularly computerhardware but it very well could be audio/video(broadcast?)or discotheque equipment.

    Anyway, I searched a little and I’m pretty sure it’s not a mass-produced ‘thing’ cause Google couldn’t get me anything…

    Only result I found that could be something is:

    Did you peek inside the case? If that’s old or broken, well, maybe you can put some PC-hardware in there and make it your HiFi/Hometheatre-PC :-)

  3. Colin @ 7 March 2004, 17:39 :

    Thanks for your help. I found it in an abandoned hospital (urban exploration is a big hobby of mine). I didn’t take it (yet) but my friends and I were trying to decide what it was. Thanks a lot :D

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