24 February 2004, 17:34 by mark hoekstra

finally doing some smart things with stupid technology…

In the end I also needed to upgrade my Palm V to OS 4.1 so that makes 3 out of 3 (I already flashed both bluetooth-thingies), but now I’m able to do some smart things with all this stupid technology imho.


and another view


it looks great at night too :-)

another fine example

The application on the Palm is BTamp and the ‘server’ running on my 19” rackmount case is Bemused. It works flawlessly, it’s like winamp is running locally at the palm instead of the PC and that’s how it should be! (never mind the screenshots of PalmVNC in my previous post, it looks nice but is slow as a sleeping snail).

...and what better MP3’s to play at this grey tuesday than the grey album ?

Of course I also enjoy doing less smart things on a day like this…

ADDED ...and even right out strange stuff… ;-)

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  1. wilfred @ 6 March 2004, 09:23 :

    Mark stuur mij even jouw e-mail adres kanik jouw foto’s van mijn gelids installatie sturen.


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