18 November 2003, 23:58 by mark hoekstra

TVtool + TwinView + BSPlayer = GREAT!

Well, I’ve been twiddling with my hometheatre-setup for a while now, but I think I’ve got a great setup/combination now… Since I have a new videocard for my workstation, I got a GeForce2MX400 (Asus V7100) as a spare. That card has got two RAMDACs so it’s able to have two different pictures on your monitor and on your TV (instead of the lame switching between your monitor and TV). So I added that to my HTPC(not to mention the MPEG2-encoder and CD-burner I added too ;-))

UPDATE ...and a el cheapo ‘programmable’ remote to top it off! ;-)

Anyway, combine that with the latest TVtool and BSplayer(version 1.0!) and the whole thing starts to become almost ideal ;-) (it can’t be 100% ideal as long as it’s not in a 19” rack :-))


The view from my chair ;-) pop it up!

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  1. colin @ 23 November 2003, 22:24 :

    Do you use win2k at all? I tried installing BSPlayer on one of my windows 2000 computers and it screwed up all the icons. A reboot fixed it, but it was still annoying :|

  2. mark @ 24 November 2003, 12:31 :

    Well, no, I use Win XP Pro in my livingroom and the current BSPlayer is working great. I had no big problems with it (I use it since 0.85 or such). On my ‘workstation’ I use Win Server 2003 at the moment and there it works great too. Original plans were to put the box in the livingroom on some BSD, but with all the hardware in there and the not so common driverfeatures I use, that’s gonna be a pain in the *** :-) But well, some day, with enough motivation, cola, coffee and pizzas around, I’ll give it a try :-)

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