Mark's HTPC

Well, ever since I bought some new parts for my workstation and used the
old ones for a system in my livingroom, I've been busy with my own
Home Theatre PC or HTPC as these machines are called. :-)

...the 'new' system, a Duron 900 on my old A7M266, it runs beautifully!

...then of course, I had to solder myself a remotecontrol-sensor!

A 'new' graphicscard, bought cheaply from an auctionsite, with TV-out and *in* :-)

...and we have an image!

...and the great application, myHTPC, for easy access to my mp3's, divx's etc...

...which even can show me the weather, as if I ever have to leave my home now... ;-)

(c) mark 2003