20 July 2007, 02:43 by mark hoekstra

on stage of the Tuschinski Theater

Boris mailed me a link to a nice little video (2 min 49 sec)... (imho of course! ^_^)

direct link

This was during The Next Web conference on June the 1st in the Tuschinski Theater in Amsterdam.

Ah well, maybe some of you like to see me uhm-ing and aah-ing myself through a presentation, I don’t know *^_^*

Oh and you now all know my schedule for this summer, finishing the Slurpr, but first of all and foremost of course, finishing the adapter!

Slurpr – the mother of all wardrive boxes
put flash memory into (almost) ANY iPod!

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  1. Han @ 20 July 2007, 13:02 :

    say boingboing again!? please :D

  2. Mattnh @ 21 July 2007, 12:37 :

    Pretty cute, that’s what I say ;)

  3. ocke @ 21 July 2007, 20:24 :

    Euh… euh… I think you should aah.. ahhh.. work on that eeuhh.. “euh” thing ;-). Did you prepare this, or just ran on stage and tried to tell what you had on your mind?

  4. Jon @ 22 July 2007, 00:04 :

    You say it “wee-fee,” I say it “w(eye)-f(eye).”

  5. markie @ 22 July 2007, 00:12 :

    >work on that eeuhh.. “euh” thing ;-).

    yeah I know, I already knew I was doing that on stage, but well, it’s not that often that I speak in public though

    >or just ran on stage and tried to tell what you had on your mind?

    eeeuuuuhhh, something like that yes ;-)

    >You say it “wee-fee,” I say it “w(eye)-f(eye).”

    Well, I say both actually. wee-fee is the dutch pronunciation (of some)... It surprised me, when I saw the video that I actually said wee-fee ;-) ...and then there are some who think how I say ‘BoingBoing’ is funny… ah well ;-)

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