15 July 2007, 18:43 by mark hoekstra

project: encrypted NAS on OpenBSD

Last monday I had a power outage in my home. Because of that, my fileserver started to act up. It would hang at recalculating the parity for the RAID array I’ve got in there…

Anyway, because I wanted to solve that, I was forced into refamiliarizing myself again with everything concerning my fileserver and while I was at it, I thought I’d write it all up (oh, and I did solve it without any data loss)

my personal encrypted fileserver
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So, for everyone who’d like a fully encrypted NAS (with RAID) in his home network and isn’t too afraid of the UNIX command line interface, this project is for you!

in short:

It’s a server running on OpenBSD with a filesystem on software RAID, so we can handle a disk which decides to stop working all together (and this machine emails you when a drive fails). On top of that we’ll have a fully encrypted filesystem which will take care of on-the-fly encryption and decryption of your files, the data you copy to the server gets encrypted and the data you read from it gets decrypted, all on-the-fly… ^_^ This data than can be presented to your network by Samba, NFS, FTP, you name it.

If you like to have encrypted data accessible, for instance, like this:

click to enlarge

I’d say, read on! ^_^

How to build a fully encrypted NAS on OpenBSD

or, straight to the how-to:

OpenBSD encrypted NAS HOWTO

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    Lol there’s a pr0n folder on Mac OS screenshot :)

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