12 June 2007, 23:42 by mark hoekstra


MacPaint as some of us know it… (I’m getting old! ^_^)
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Quite regularly, I get questions on what kind of paint I’ve used on Macs and iPods but somehow I had been a little reluctant in answering those. Thing is, I’m a lousy painter! Really, I am… ^_^

It all once started when I modded this Mac SE and I needed something like seven layers of paint to get it right (and to be honest, right after, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the result). Now, after four years of use, I’m quite happy with it, and satisfied with how it all turned out, but the paintjob could’ve been done better, I’m sure.

After that, I’ve been painting my iBook and later on, I also painted another one pink. Now those two are something else. I really can’t recommend the paint I chose for that. In both projects at one point or another, stuff went horribly wrong (which has been the reason I hardly showed the pink iBook on this page) and personally I wouldn’t do something like this again with this fluorescent paint.

on the left, my own iBook, on the right, Susanne / Krause‘s pink iBook
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And then, I even have been painting white Macs …

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white! ^_^

And even though I’m pleased with that result, I can’t really recommend that either… ^_~

So, after quite some practice(...), is there anything I can advise? Well, somehow I thought, after all of the cans of paint I’ve been buying the last couple of years, I got lucky with one of them… It’s called ‘Rally Black’ and I’ve been using it on several gear (not only Macs) and it’s totally foolproof. No matter how you spray, it dries up perfectly matte black.

iPod mini in Rally Black
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...but I was still reluctant to give this as advice and/or an answer to all the Mac Paint questions, simply because I didn’t know/think anyone could find the exact same lucky can I found, also because I bought it from some discount store which didn’t sell this can after I bought it

...but, yesterday I’ve been paying a visit to another discount store in my town and what did I find? Two extra cans from another brand called ‘Rallye Lack’ (instead of Rally Black). Weeeeeell, that’s close enough eh? ^_^

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So here’s your answer if you’re not a painter, just like me and still like to paint a Mac (or something else of course)... paint it black and use Rallye Lack! ^_^

(I’m not in any way endorsed or connected to the manufacturer of this paint!)


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  1. christooss @ 13 June 2007, 16:37 :

    I see a red door and I want it painted black
    No colors anymore I want them to turn black

  2. Julian @ 14 June 2007, 19:47 :

    Car paint eh.

    Was thinking about trying the fluorescent stuff on a Chieftec.

    I’m thinking it might work better on the metal surface of a tower but I’m not an expert either.
    Looks like the pink paint didn’t really cover the macbook though

  3. Mark Cervantes @ 18 July 2007, 14:00 :

    Hey quick question. I would like a reply to this.

    The paint on the Ipod Mini hasnt happent to rub off right?

    Im really considering painting my mini. But, I tend to have it in my pocket a lot and didnt want the heat or anything else rubbing off the paint.

  4. David @ 25 July 2007, 16:09 :

    I have some black car paint in my garage and I also hate the color of my current ipodmini,
    but are you sure about using car paint on the aluminium case :/ ?

    I always thought you need to anodize aluminium or it will oxidize until it gets unpleasant layers..
    Please tell me, is the color of yours still fine? I think about doing it myself since anodizing is too expensive.

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