26 November 2006, 18:03 by mark hoekstra

pink dust...

Weeeeell… I’m not sure what it is, but whenever I paint something, especially an iBook(...) I go through a process of doubts etcetera. Now, after three days of restarting, lots of hours, lots of alcohol (to get the paint out, not drinking it…) this must be it for now.

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this is what my shower looked like for the last few days (I’ve been cleaning up in between to be able to shower, if that’s what you’re wondering about).

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And this is the current end-result (mocked up on a defective iBook)

On the pictures it looks almost red, but believe me, it’s not. There’s so much fluorescent pink paint in there, in real life it’s almost too much to look at. So even though Susanne decided pink it should be, we didn’t want it to become a total girly pink… Well, this isn’t, that’s for sure.. ^_^

I also did paint the bottom, but that came out much lighter than the top. Somehow those two together don’t match and I guess it’s best to only change the top-cover of her G4-iBook with this ultra-pink topcover…

Well, I wasn’t 100% satisfied with this result actually, there’s little cracks in the paint, because of the amount of paint that went in there and I should’ve spread it into more sessions… I did plan to do it all over again, but maybe it’s the wisest thing not to do that right now… In every session there’s always one thing not going like you want to and it gets harder every time to go back to the beginning because there’s more and more paint involved that needs to be cleaned before you can have another go.

One of the reasons I decided to not do it all over again (I did the topcover twice, there were hairs in the paint after the first run) is that I really started to dislike the pink dust that comes off the process of spraypainting…

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Believe it or not, but this is my topfloor (where also my shower is) and even though I didn’t spot the dust at first, look at what my finger looks like (this is not a joke, really… ^_^)

So, even though I at first planned to do it all over yet again, I’m now pretty sure I won’t (for now). The amount of paint now in the topcover is massive and to get that amount out will take a multiple of the two/three hours it takes to get out the original paint. I tried it this afternoon on the bottom, that one had way less paint in it than this topcover and that was a total b*tch to clean.

Soooo… I guess we have to decide this won’t become 100% perfect. Something which is also almost impossible cause the shells (since there being used) are already have trackmarks of usage before we begin this process. Anyway, I did learn a lot in this process and another try probably has to wait till I find a third iBook and of course, there are more and more (defective or not) G3 transparant iBooks hitting the market so also with that thought I leave this one as it is now…

I think I need to let this rest for a moment… *^_^*

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  1. Sam @ 26 November 2006, 23:25 :

    You gotta watch that stuff doesn’t get on your lungs.

  2. flow @ 28 November 2006, 13:49 :

    i wanna see more photos of this gorgeous ibook. the pink/red color looks great.

  3. markie @ 28 November 2006, 23:59 :

    @sam, well, that is an issue of course, but I feel fine and although it doesn’t seem that way, I did ventilate the place… I guess this pink stuff is quite heavy or such…


    Thanks, I added some pics on flickr :-)

  4. Chris @ 29 November 2006, 07:13 :

    As I probably said when you first started this, I’d love to do this to my MacBook Pro, if it were out of warranty, that is…

  5. flow @ 13 December 2006, 15:59 :

    hmm, which kind of ibook g3 is that? the silver or the white ones?

  6. markie @ 16 December 2006, 03:26 :


    The silver ones. For this pink one I took the shells of a defective white G3 and traded those with the shells of a working silver G3. I also did the replacement-operation on the working G3. I know I’m quite a charm (getting somebody to trade me his shells) :-)

  7. arthurson @ 31 January 2007, 22:31 :

    i also have made one before, yet i can’t tell what colour exactly it is,it just like green and blue, and here is my ibook for your reference.


  8. john c @ 13 June 2007, 13:13 :

    I wonder how it would look if you added some drips of pait to the shell first, then spray a different colour…. off to scour the net for cheap ibooks to mod :)

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