9 April 2007, 14:10 by mark hoekstra


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Weeeeeell… of all the technology-related websites out there, there’s still a very special one, the mother of all the technology-related (news) websites sites and that’s, of course, slashdot

I always felt fortunate that my site made it to slashdot about two years ago with an OpenBSD-howto (the links in that /.-post don’t work anymore btw). And now, today, the headline is:

Hacker Replaces iPod HDD With Flash Memory


Well, what can I say? not much I guess… I’m glad someone in the comments says:

“Did you notice the word ‘hacker’? It was used correctly!”

^_^ I mean, being called a hacker on slashdot and in (imho) the right sense, that’s truly nice.

But, from another point of view, it’s striking to me that, of all the publicity that this has gained the last couple of days and of all the comments on all those sites (and the couple of hundred messages(!) in my mailbox), it seems the current slashdot-crowd grasps the concept behind this the least and somehow that surprises me. I mean, you’re not gonna tell me the current crowd out there would rather be throwing away their iPods instead of fixing them themselves and making them better than they ever were? I mean, where has the passion for tech gone? Or did they all of a sudden change to ideal consumers who are rendered useless when something breaks down? According to the most of them, the 88 million sold make that a hundred million sold are ready for the scrapheap once they stop working… Maybe they should start reading the Make:blog also… (just a hint) ^_^

Luckily, there’s another commenter who gets it.

“Do you think everyone runs out and buys the newest iPod as soon as it’s released?” ... “8GB Compact Flash cards are under $75, and $16GB cards are just over $200 and dropping fast. I’d consider replacing my 10GB iPod’s drive with an 8GB flash drive if I used it for jogging or wanted longer battery life (I only use it in my car).”

But well, before I start to sound like I’m whining (because I’m not, I’m extremely happy with all the publicity!), and with or without the slashdot-crowd, this already gained enough momentum to put it into a next gear. So I’m gonna get back to work and get this adapter into production. Because, for those who may have had their doubts, that’s truly gonna happen! *^_^* (and very soon too!)

(and if you like a mail when this adapter is in production, just leave your mail address on the contact form and I’ll drop you a mail)

or, how yet another commenter puts it:

“Well, for one thing, he got you and many thousands of other people talking about it and thinking about it. That’s how new things are learned and discovered. Trying new things and learning from them. At least he actually DID something, rather than just questioning why other people do things on /.”

I guess the rest of the slashdot-crowd or whoever, will grasp the concept behind this when 32GB flash or more has dropped in price to, let’s say, $30 and you’re facing a dead 1G/2G/3G/4G iPod… I really would’ve thought that especially the slashdot-crowd would be visionary enough to see that, but well…

Oh, btw, about the slashdot effect... In contrary to two years ago, when I had to tweak and tune every last bit out of my then 1200MHz Athlon, I now spotted this in the RSS-feed of /. without having noticed it on my webserver… (!_!)

I guess a lot has changed in two years time… *^_^*

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  1. Jon @ 10 April 2007, 02:29 :

    Your iPod drive hack is great, but I’m still miffed that the /. editors kept turning down my submissions for your flaming iBook hack. ;(

  2. AIR @ 11 April 2007, 16:29 :

    Hey markie move your fat ass to the bathroom I smell your stink you fat fuck.

    I will send some drifter for your stuff soon, they won’t ring the bell so just count on that one night u woke up and realize u getting robbed and raped by 200kg nigros/gypsyes in ur ass till that burst to pieces.

  3. markie @ 11 April 2007, 17:42 :

    Hahahaha, I thought I told you to give it all you got and this is it?

    You’re so sad, this time you’re using a proxy from gnupg, earlier on from Tor. You don’t understand one bit where those projects stand for. Anyway, they’re not meant for frustrated little kiddies like yourself, but I don’t think you can grasp anything happening in this world, let alone open source projects with an ideal.

    Anyway, in all these months you’ve proven one thing and that’s that you’re a sad sad troll… Now that’s quite an achievement in life. I guess your mommy will be proud of you.

    Next to that, everyone laughs at you overhere so I really don’t see why you’re keep coming back here, but if you insist, we’ll keep laughing :-)

    Oh, and say hello to your imaginary friends will you?

  4. William Essig @ 13 April 2007, 00:38 :

    “...everyone laughs at you overhere…”

    @AIR – Haha!

    No, really Markie, congrats, again, on another great project!

  5. Tyler @ 13 April 2007, 07:07 :

    “I will send some drifter for your stuff soon, they won’t ring the bell so just count on that one night u woke up and realize u getting robbed and raped by 200kg nigros/gypsyes in ur ass till that burst to pieces.”

    I’m sorry, but that is pretty damn funny. Any ways, nice job Mark.

  6. msowers @ 3 May 2007, 13:30 :

    Damn , I should have bought those 32gb flash drives I saw on craigslist…..$150 each

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