27 December 2006, 02:27 by mark hoekstra

and back to... what actually?

Well, after the wining and dining of yesterday I spent my day today as almost any other sunday. Finally I got to grips with a Cisco 2610 router I have. Now I’ve been willing to configure a Cisco-router into my network for quite some time but somehow I never took the time to sit down and configure this thing. Next to that, I’m a total newbie at IOS. A while ago I did update the IOS on there and I did get a second ethernetboard for it, so I could actually use it as a router in my setup.

...and today I finally managed to get the thing to NAT in between both interfaces and we’re up&running now. yay!

I was a little worried this old (but unused(!), the one I have must’ve been spare or something, the thing looks new) but very stable router wouldn’t be able to cope with some nowadays bandwidth and I couldn’t find decent literature on that as well. But… first tests show everything is fine. My download speed is around 600-700 Kbytes/sec and that’s what it always has been (I’ve got cable overhere). Now I know I’m probably gonna slow this thing down when I load’er up with rulesets, but… I’ve got a dual bridge around it, on which I can load any ruleset I want and that’s the real experiment I want to continue with… Only thing is, I really gonna need more time (off) to be able to make some progress there…

I’ve been using stock images for this post… cause I don’t think you want to see my closet at this time, it’s a mess… but if you insist, here you go.

that’s my encrypted fileserver, a SUN Ultra 1 Enterprise with quad 100mbit NIC (quad happy meal) on top (the dual bridge) and the Cisco 2610 on top of that. The Cisco is parked this way because there’s a fan underneath. On top of the Cisco is a small LCD-screen I bought on a fair for 25 euro, it comes with a designated PCI-card which also feeds the screen, probably useless for anything else than a console… (it’s a console to my fileserver btw)

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  1. XenoMuta @ 27 December 2006, 17:21 :

    Dude, I’ve been messing arround with the 2500 router-series as well. It isn’t much of a coincidence, ‘cause in my case, I’ve been trying to install uClinux on it. But there is no longer support for MMU-less linux for the motorola processor used in this beauty…

    with linux and iptables on it, I’m sure it’ll be easier to mess up with NATs and Forwards

    here’s a couple of pictures of it.

    by the way, Great blog man.

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