18 January 2006, 23:56 by mark hoekstra

dual bridge is running! *^_^*

You probably can tell I’m very busy lately, judging by the lack of posts on my blog. Anyways, this night I finally had some time again to geek around and so I did!

With my new found VT100-terminal, I picked up installing my second Sun Ultra 1 (Enterprise, which is only a badge, but a very nice one :-)). Building a dual transparent ethernet-bridge has become a long term project, I didn’t come very far this evening. Well, at least I have it up & running but that’s about it. I guess I can spend time in packetfilter-configuration from now on… :-)

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Screenshot from my workstation… hme0-3 is my quad happy meal sbuscard, which makes up for the dual bridge.

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Oh, and before anyone asks questions. I’m not so sure what benefits I can get from running a dual bridge, one before NAT and one after… There are a few that come to mind, but somehow I hope to do some interesting discoveries :-)

Oh, and if you like Sun-hardware, make sure you check back here soon (like this friday afternoon for instance…) :D I can’t tell you what it is, cause I don’t know yet, but I need a big car to pick it up…

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