17 November 2006, 16:25 by mark hoekstra

encrypted storage server... getting there...

Well, my fileserver keeps me busy… or should I call it a ‘storage server’, like the big boys do? Maybe I should… So from now on it’s geektechnique’s encrypted storage server! *^_^*

Anyway, I’ve continued the work I did earlier this week.

I solved the RAID-issue, it now boots up perfectly and it mounts the RAID-array without all kinds of wonky messages… (and I plugged in the USB-drives you see at the bottom of the dmesg later)

Which brings me to the USB-drives… The encrypted volumes from the setup earlier were still on the disks and after I plugged in the drives, they were recognized as drives sd1 and sd2… so, I changed some configurations, mounted the volumes and tada! this whole a encryption/decryption thing just works on USB-drives as well! (I thought it would, but still… it’s always to see it really works, you know, in real life and such…)

df gives me this

Now I need to figure out how well this holds when these drives are unplugged without unmounting and such (cause you can count on that in real-world scenarios) but to me, this all goes along a quite promising line at this moment…

click to enlarge

The drives, connected to the bad boy in my closet…

click to enlarge

and some transfertests… reading from a USB-drive, through the network and mind you, this USB-drive is fully encrypted… with a large file through ftp I get around 15Mbytes/sec

click to enlarge

and the same test, but then from the newly made RAID-array (also encrypted…). Average speed on large files is 25MBytes/sec!

226 Transfer complete.
734146560 bytes received in 28.4 secs (2.5e+04 Kbytes/sec)

and writing to the filestorage server gives me around 16Mbytes/sec…

226 Transfer complete.
734146560 bytes sent in 45.1 secs (1.6e+04 Kbytes/sec)

Well, that’s quick enough to mount DVD-ISOs over the network, heck, it’s even fast enough to burn the ISOs over the network… Which is a rather nice idea cause in that case I would be burning ISOs of material, which, in a physical sense as readable data, are not to be found in my home… the data then somehow materializes on the disc *^_^*

...to be continued…

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