10 September 2006, 19:32 by mark hoekstra

travel hint #2

Well, the t-shirts were the first hint of where I’m travelling coming tuesday… And remember, where I’m going I need them bad, so no hackerconference or personal visit to Theo de Raadt or such (I wish it was ^_^)

Here’s hint number two…

click to enlarge

that picture combined with the this is Mark picture on Flickr by Nadya Peek will have all the info to deduct my destination (for this trip! nothing else!!! ;-))

If you can’t figure it out, I’ll reveal where I am coming tuesday (wednesday morning in my local time overhere) ... it’ll be the longest tuesday of my life (33 hours!) and it also happens to be my birthday…

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  1. William @ 10 September 2006, 21:57 :

    I think I know where that currency is from… Oh, wait, I saw one just like it in my wallet a few minutes ago…

    BTW: I think it’s interesting that the new 5’s made it over there so quickly. I still get old ones here. First they made new 20’s then 10’s now more recently 5’s. They actually also are redesigning some of the coinage too (quarters and nickels).

  2. Adi @ 10 September 2006, 22:34 :

    Happy birthday, Mark, in advance! :)

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