8 September 2006, 00:16 by mark hoekstra

fresh t-shirts!

I thought I could use some fresh t-shirts… Especially since I’m going away for a couple of days next week, although I’m not telling exactly where I’m going yet… (and for those of you I know in real life and because of my tendency to talk a little bit much sometimes… please don’t spoil the fun quite yet)

anyways, believe me, I’m going to be needing these t-shirts next week, although I guess I can make my point by carrying my green iBook also, but still, I just want to make sure… *^_^*

Let me put it this way, the dresscode of where I’m going no doubt will be kakhi pants and a blue polo-shirt, but somehow, I don’t think so…

If you’re curious, make sure to check in here september the 13th, I’ll probably be on target by then…

Back to the present day, look what I found in the mail! (in time!, thanks Wim!)

click to enlarge

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If you like these t-shirts (and you don’t have to be going to kakhi-pants/blue-polo-hell for liking them), you can order them here.

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  1. Ben @ 8 September 2006, 00:44 :

    I don’t know if I agree with this statement or not, but it’s funny!

    “Why BSD is better than Linux”: http://www.xs4all.nl/~marcone/bsdversuslinux.html

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