3 August 2006, 16:42 by mark hoekstra

...some serious hardware...

Well, of course, I already got plenty of serious hardware! *^_^*

..but somehow I’m pushing the envelope here… I mean… take a look at the sheer sizes of these boxes…

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but well… I really couldn’t let go of these beauties… reason I could get them is/was since they’re the wrong models for the European market… these are UPSs for the American market and somehow the first person who bought them probably ordered the wrong models and these boxes probably have been pushed around for 4 to 5 years…

APC Smart-UPS 3000VA RM 3U

Anyway, believe it or not, these we’re planned to go to the scrapheap and well… I’m way too much of a nice guy to let something like that happen! ^_^

I mean… brand-spankingly new hardware going to a scrapheap because of some voltage-difference? I don’t think so!

Reason they haven’t been sold has been that shipping these back to the US probably would cost a fortune(they weigh in at 150lbs (70kg) ...each!), so… here they are!

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Soooo… what am I going to do with these? Well… there are of course ways to convert 220V -> 110V and vice versa… It’ll take some heavy equipment doing that in case of these beauties, cause they’re rated for 3000VA each… But for some home-use I guess I can come up with something…. In the mean time, I parked them inside my stereo… I like the looks and I wanted to get rid of those godawful big boxes! (well, I keep the boxes… but not in my livingroom!)

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  1. goats @ 3 August 2006, 22:50 :

    those things look kewl, but you forgot to mention what the heck they actually are? ( i guess ups, but not sure)

  2. Franco Filiberti @ 3 August 2006, 23:49 :

    Use in parallel! 110+110 = 220 !

  3. mark @ 4 August 2006, 00:41 :

    @goats: oh woops, how stoopid… yes they are UPSs, I added a link… ;-)

    @franco: WOW! that’s brilliant! I didn’t think of that before! that indeed is a solid plan! I think I’m gonna work that out! ^_^

  4. William @ 4 August 2006, 02:22 :

    I think you will find that since they are AC you will have a little trouble syncing the frequency (60hz) on the power line. Don’t wreck both boxes. (It’s damn near impossible, email me if you need some help Markie)

  5. Jay16K @ 4 August 2006, 17:37 :

    convert the input signal from 230V to 115V and just use them for some of your boxes, you’ll find a voltage switch on most of your pc psu’s

  6. matt @ 4 August 2006, 19:55 :

    I was going to mention also the frequency difference. I believe you are on 50Hz, while all the US is definately 60. Are they the online setup or fast switching?

  7. matt @ 4 August 2006, 19:58 :

    N/M they seem to bee auto sensing for input voltage and freq.

  8. Ben @ 10 August 2006, 11:08 :

    Sell them to the US Government. They play $900 for a toilet seat, I’m sure they would pay for the shipping!

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