23 July 2006, 00:16 by mark hoekstra

...and another toy... TomTom BT GPS

I didn’t plan everyone of my purchases I did lately or anything, but it seems there’s a lot of stuff going for good prices the last few weeks… Maybe it’s because of the weather and because it’s summer and such, but I’m making sure I’ve got enough gear to be able to get myself geeking through a long winter :D

My last purchase is this older model TomTom Bluetooth GPS-unit. I’ve been on the look-out for these for quite a while, but whenever I thought about really buying one, my sense (i’ve got some of that… sometimes ^_^) prevailed. I thought I was really pushing it, wanting a GPS-unit for on my bike and for city-trips and such… Buuuuut… Every now and then I kept looking for getting me such a nice unit for scratchmoney (of course! you know me…)

I already was looking for older bundles of TomTom Navigator 2 with this nice BT GPS-receiver combined. The bundle being priced down because of the older software and such… But I couldn’t find it decently priced… And then… yesterday I found this one… Most definitely used, and coming without software (as if I care) charger and such… Oh, and to make sure, it isn’t stolen or anything, it comes out of the stock of the company I work for. We probably had to take back this unit from a customer at some point or another, but this is hardly sellable to anyone (well… except me of course… ^_^)

Sooooooo… I’ve got the unit!

click to enlarge

I took it apart, cause I didn’t have the proper connector for charging it(I do have that connector now, btw), so I charged it directly on the PCB. And since it looked so … used… I decided to spraypaint the unit while I was at it.

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On the last pic, the unit is laying outside on my balcony and the raw data is visible on my phone… so… it works!

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...and this is how it looks now… it’s quite hard to take a decent pic of something matte black, but it looks a whole lot better now than it did before (imho of course).

Well, there’s plenty of fun stuff you can do with this, but more on that later… I mean, it’s summertime! *^_^*

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  1. radrob @ 23 July 2006, 16:35 :

    ..we’re sichronized or what?
    i got mine last week

    happy trip

  2. Jay16K @ 3 August 2006, 16:57 :

    i got a nokia ld-3w just two weeks ago, what software are you using for the raw data output?
    i could use such thingy on my n70 too

    ps: please send me a notice or a mail for a reply because i don’t know when i got time to check this post, thanks jay16k@gmail.com

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