19 July 2006, 23:22 by mark hoekstra

cheap solarpanel from a clothes store?

This afternoon I got myself this solarpanel, with a whole bunch of connectors for only EUR 9.95!

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When I got home, I checked the site of this panel and the regular price seems to be $109.99… euh?

Soldius1 with iPod® and Mobile Phone Kit (mysoldius.com)

It’s being sold here in Holland at this clothesstore called WE (a very awkward name imho… we compete with Japan in having the strangest ‘english’ around I guess… ‘WE is me’ what’s up with that?)

Any way, I guess this company, with a whole lot of stores throughout Holland bought a whole bunch of these panels… At this price I guess one of the resellers went for bankruptcy or such, cause this is really scratchmoney for this kind of stuff. The actual deal in the store is that you’re allowed to buy this panel for 9.95 if you spend 30 euros on clothes. Seperately it should be 19.95 (which still is a steal). I found out about it cause someone linked to one of my old projects on this forum and in one of the replies somebody is talking about this deal. I saw this forumthread popping up in my referrers and when I found out about it, I went out to buy one of these for 19.95… I asked the salesclerk if I could buy one of these panels seperately for 19.95, but she wouldn’t really listen and insisted in selling me one for 9.95… well, all right then… If you insist… ^_^

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On the last pic you can see the panel’s got a regular mini-USB-connector on the panel… Really, this is some good stuff… This model even comes included with a whole bunch of connectors, for all regular types of phones and even an iPod-connector and iPod-shuffle-connector (which is a regular USB-connector actually). Now let me think what I can do with it :-)

Thanks go out to the guys on that forum which pointed me to this deal, I’m very happy with it! *^_^*

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  1. Roel @ 20 July 2006, 17:01 :

    I went to my local “WE” and also found them thanks to you. It’s currently charging my T-Mobile MDA (aka HTC Wizard, Qtec 9100 etc).

    I had to pay 19,95 euro though….

  2. Lukas @ 21 July 2006, 19:34 :

    That’s a bit jammy.

  3. sinred @ 23 July 2006, 19:11 :

    Ah, good for you, that you have this kind of shops. Here at Hungary nothing like this :( .

  4. Fik @ 26 July 2006, 15:04 :

    Hungary? In Venezuela we don´t have them either (and going worse).
    At least you are in Europe …

  5. varghese c @ 27 July 2006, 08:20 :

    would you be interested in a coloboration for a project. Must be willing to sign non-disclosure document , also would be interested in full partnership..although this is not in the interest of making money but doing something revolutionary.

    let me know

  6. Tom in Tampa @ 30 July 2006, 13:31 :

    Wow, I would love one of those panels! I live in Florida and it might be useful when the electricity gets knocked out by the latest hurricane! What a deal!

  7. Aluko stores @ 3 January 2007, 13:12 :

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