3 July 2006, 00:55 by mark hoekstra

Pecha Kucha Night Groningen Volume II

Next to all the geeking on this page, there’s more stuff I do and/or I’m involved in (O RLY?!?!)

For instance, I’ve been busy in getting this activity called Pecha Kucha to my hometown Groningen. Regular/long time readers of this page must’ve seen a post or two (or three or…) about that in the past on this page (and probably thought ‘what does that do on a page like this?!?!)

Well, any way, last thursday we (that’s Nieuwe Garde, (hard to explain what that is, but if you look at it as a network for creative individuals you’re not off by far)) had our Pecha Kucha Night Groningen Volume II

...the store where it all took place:

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...and our main man Simon up on the stage:

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...Pecha Kucha in full effect!

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picture credit: Lykle

Some of the presenters (although they were all excellent, really they were!):

Thomas Müller, who explained probably more about kidney stones and how they are removed than we would ever have thought we’d know (and to be honest, want(ed) to know)... ;-)

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Kie Ellens, who took us on a journey to New Mexico (where he bought a piece of desert for $10) to explain about his project, Nooit & Genoeg.

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Henning Basler who gave us an excellent small concert (even though the sound was crappy, the performance was great! ;-) )

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Thanks go out to all the performers, you were all great! You can find all the pics I took with my phone and we’re shot by my camera (not by me but by Vincent from De Bijenkorf, thanks for that!) overhere

But you can probably get a better impression by watching this short video made by Rutger, a friend of mine (and initiator of Nieuwe Garde)(and also blogging-colleague at Bright)(all right, that’s enough).

click the pic to watch the video over on YouTube

Soooooooo… what’s next? With a first edition in a church and a second edition in a department store, a third edition during the Noorderzon festival seems like a good idea to me… but we’ll have to see about that… we’ll just see… ;-)

UPDATE I made a special page with all the info about the Groningen-edition of Pecha Kucha

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...and the official global Pecha Kucha site can be found here

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