29 May 2006, 19:24 by mark hoekstra

BRIGHT Nerd Alert: the video

A couple of days ago, next to Barcamp I also went to Amsterdam for shooting a video. And guess what? It’s online! *^_^*

click it to play the video
if you don’t see anything above, you could try the direct link (full screen)

Oh, and it’s in Dutch :-)

The whole idea was making LED throwies (which, of course, is courtesy of Graffiti Research Lab) but only with orange LEDs, to promote the Dutch soccerteam in the coming World Cup. We wanted to tag these on the Dam in Amsterdam, but we didn’t plan this very carefully, so we were all dressed up, but had no place to tag these throwies… (don’t even ask… ;-))so then we continued with plan B… Anyways, it was fun making it, I hope you enjoy watching it *^_^*

And… believe it or not, but this is the pilot-episode of Nerd Alert TV, so let’s all hope there will be lots of episodes on bright.nl! weeeeee! ;-)

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  1. Robert.... (Enschede) @ 30 May 2006, 12:03 :

    Hahaha, geweldige video. Jammer dat er zo weinig staal was op de dam. :D

  2. Przemek [PL] @ 31 May 2006, 11:47 :

    Oh men! You really are nerds! Cool and oldschool Lada Niva ;-)

  3. Ceristimo @ 3 June 2006, 03:58 :

    LOL, valt iig wel op zo ;)

  4. Brob @ 29 June 2006, 00:46 :

    Dutch Nerds!

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