22 April 2006, 01:00 by mark hoekstra

MacPlus video-game that never was...

...but we might be on to something here… *^_^*

On BoingBoing I saw this Video of dementedly awesome fake MacPlus video-game that never was -post.

Now, I already have plans of making some kind of compact-Mac-gaming-installation for quite some time, but now it all seems very coincedental. I mean, I’ve got the Compact Macs to build this thing in my very livingroom right now! Even though I planned on using the real SE/30 hardware inside there… Now I’ve seen this video, I just know I have to pull some tricks to get this kind of videoperformance out of these babies… *^_^*

Because I already have this modded SE, which I use as a monitor to my Media Center-setup, I could easily preview what a Compact Mac with something like this on it looks like… I think we have a match here!

click to enlarge

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And I posted a small video to YouTube. My photocamera only allows me to take 15 second-flicks, so that’s what it is… but you can find it here

click to enlarge

a picture taken a few steps back… (that’s my ancient video projectionsystem... the Mac and that system show the same signal…

click to enlarge

...and a few more.. and tadaa! there are the two Compact Macs I already planned on building in some kind of gaming rig (I talked about that before and also about the installation from C-TRL Labs who inspired me to go this way… more C-TRL 68K installations here

So… what’s the rush? Well, I don’t know actually, I’m all excited about this video since it seems to be the perfect footage to show on this installation I already planned on doing. I’m not sure if there’s any possibility on this video becoming interactive, but I’m sure that Paul Robertson, who made this video, will get a heck of a lot of attention and I truly hope someone will make a game out of this video. It’s simply too awesome to be left alone… It doesn’t matter for what platform, I’ll hack it into the two SE/30’s ;-)

(Oh, and if black & white gamecharacters seem familiar… I called some of them ‘the usual geektechnique-fangrrls… a couple of posts back…)

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