11 February 2006, 15:36 by mark hoekstra

first article in print, more stickers, etc...

I had a wonderful day in Amsterdam yesterday. First of all I was over at Mediamatic, for some *coughcough* investigation on a future article *^_^*

I was sitting at a desk, next to Nadya, whom I knew from the Maker Faire and BarCamp (which was held at Mediamatic)... and next to getting my mind on some *coughcough* serious stuff, Nadya gave me some stickers to put on my iBook :-)

Later that day I went to the office of BRIGHT, for their one year anniversary and introduction of bright nr. 7… also with an article of mine, weeeeeee! (never mind that picture, promise?)

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So, here it is, my first article in print *^_^*

I must say they did a wonderful job with the graphics and stuff, it looks very nice (imho). So, if you’re in Holland, go out and buy a BRIGHT!

Chances are I’m going to do a write-up about the hand-crank-charging of the eMate. It’s not quite sure where that’s gonna be put online, but as soon as it’s finished, I’ll link to it from here (if it’s going to be somewhere else than on this page, that is). I did promise myself this, for now, is the last hand-crank-project (for a while at least), I don’t want to end up as some hand-crank-charge-one-trick-pony ;-)

Oh, and of course… the stickers!:

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The skull-sticker is one awesome design from nijne, I’m totally delighted with it :D, I also put it on my phone

...and yes, that’s a plazes-sticker… ain’t that cool?

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  1. Ferret Simpson @ 17 February 2006, 02:57 :

    Oh. . . ye. . . gads. . . .

    A hand cranked serial terminal. For use in Server rooms with no free sockets. Hell, my Desktop computer so far takes up 17 plug sockets!

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