9 February 2006, 19:52 by mark hoekstra

Sony Revolution Interactive Table

Yeees… yet another interactive table… ;-)

This time it’s a Sony, at least, that’s what the link said I came across. I don’t have any other information on when/where this is or who made it… but one thing’s for sure, it’s cool! pretty damn cool if you ask me…

click any one of the images to go to the video

It all looks like a table with predefined places where you can put these magic transparant squares (called ‘timemachine’ for instance). If you have a selection of these transparant squares to choose from, you can continually change your table to your specific needs at that time… Make it a video-editing table or a shopping table or well, whatever you want… I like it! ;-)

You can find the video overhere (darlugo.com)

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  1. Ferret Simpson @ 10 February 2006, 16:32 :

    You REALLY need to make one. . . Can you get serial touchscreens? Hook one of those and one of the myriad graphics cards into he spare U1-143.

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