6 February 2006, 04:07 by mark hoekstra

Proactive Desk II: a force-feedback table

I keep having this obsession with interactive tables somehow… (maybe it’s time to build my own :D)

Anyways, now there’s a force-feedback interactive table! (this keeps getting better and better all the time! I’m serious!)

It seems there was an Proactive Desk One, which could only apply force on a single object on it. But this one can simultaneously apply different forces on multiple physical objects on it.

Proactive Desk II

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my pdf-reader didn’t do a very good job on this file (of which you can see a partly result above), but being in Japanese, I guess I wouldn’t be able to understand a lot of it. (absolutely no pun intended)


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  1. phylum sinter @ 7 February 2006, 05:15 :

    Pretty sweet idea, the pressure sensitivity is a definite addition. A few years ago [probably more like 10, now that i think about it] i had gone to a technology expo where they had a really great VR demonstration called ‘CAVE’ that took interactive projection to a whole new level… it would completely envelop a 8×8x8 [feet, heh] room, with digital projections on each wall. They used an underwater theme for the demonstration, but i always wondered what that would be like if you could just do general computing on that setup :P

    also worth checking out: http://www.jamespatten.com/audiopad/ —a projected audio workstation, based around fm transmitting glass balls.

  2. markie @ 7 February 2006, 11:11 :

    Ah yes, the CAVE… In this town where Nijne and I both live, is a CAVE as well

    I once spent a day there, also trying out the CAVE, it’s already over 3 years ago, so the stuff on the pics is already so obsolete, I suggest they just give it to me! (What do you think?) :D


    Oh, and I've seen that Audiopad before, it's awesome! :D (there's this enormous list of interactive tables, if you're interested)

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