28 January 2006, 19:35 by mark hoekstra

geektechniques first ever ***weekend poll***

Well… I think this is just about time… sometimes I feel like blogging all kinds of stuff (besides the things I do myself) and on other times I’m too busy with projects and other stuff to be blogging… This behaviour produces a very inconsistently updated blog-part of this site… But is a consistently updated blog what you guys want? I mean, it’s impossible for me to fill this with my own geekery every day (even though I’d love too). So… to find out, I installed this poll! :D

As a matter of fact, because of all the things I’m involved in lately, it more or less happened that I’m not blogging as frequently as I want to. Yesterday I was looking at a raw live-log of this server and there are a lot of RSS-aggregators visiting this site, to check on updates… So… that had me thinking… is there an interest in the blog-part of this site, with the links Nijne and me like best (those are not necessarily the same *^_^* )?

And of course, you can leave a comment if you will (you’ll get to see the results when you vote and pssst… you can vote again every hour…) :-)

Weekend Poll: Which way should this site go?

which way should this site go, your opinion:
Sure, blog whatever you guys want and post a project every now and then, that's just fine
I'd only like to see geeky projects, you can leave the rest, never mind a daily update
Let Nijne do the blogging and Mark, you just stick to your soldergun...
Mark, never mind and in all due respect... WE WANT NIJNE!
none of the above (I expect a comment if you choose this! ;-))
Total Votes: 194

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  1. Ferret Simpson @ 28 January 2006, 22:27 :

    Meh, it’s all good. But don’t you DARE stop blogging the progress of the SunStack! I want a full, in depth report and howto of setting up that cluster, because I’m planning on it, if I can find some more Ultra’s. Also, have you though about using the SCSI-stores as both SCSI stores AND speaker mounts?

  2. Joe Rivera @ 28 January 2006, 23:06 :

    great site ived been going to it for years. I really like the projects and the blogging keep it up.

  3. folkert @ 28 January 2006, 23:41 :

    You needn’t change a thing in my opinion, although some more Nijne-posts wouldn’t hurt. Not at all! ;-)

  4. William Essig @ 29 January 2006, 00:49 :

    I love this site. My most favourite are the geeky hardware projects, but Nijne is really a welcome breath of fresh air. I rarely hear what’s going on in the outside world.

    Thanks Mark and Nijne!

  5. goat @ 30 January 2006, 00:04 :

    I think you should blog about whatever YOU want to, as long as you keep the great hardware related posts coming! By the way, do have know of any other blogs or websites even remotely similar to yours, I have found a few, but definately not enough! Keep up the great work

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.

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