28 January 2006, 14:48 by mark hoekstra

Blue Led Mouse, one more time

Well… this is something I made over a year ago and a little while ago I put the ‘how-to’ inside my current content-management system (and rewrote it for a part). Actually I put it inside my current CMS for testing purposes and such, call it an experiment. It can be found if you really strawl through this page(I knew that)... Now the last couple of days people start linking to it, so that’s why I’m putting it down here now… Maybe it’s useful to somebody, I don’t know.

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How-to make a blue led mouse

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  1. William Essig @ 29 January 2006, 00:49 :

    My fault!


  2. david @ 29 January 2006, 02:02 :

    Hey just tried this on my logitech… seems like the light cone from the blue led is too narrow and doesn’t allow the ccd to see right. Mouse output is slow and irregular. Fortunately i soldered with mouse ON, so i could visually spot the problem and solder back the original red led! Maybe with better blue leds i’ll achieve the result. Or I’ll go buy myself a blue mouse :D. Keep up! bye

  3. n3ldan @ 5 January 2007, 05:15 :

    Blue LED: kind of cool, sort of useless
    IR LED: very cool, serves a purpose

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