24 December 2005, 16:09 by mark hoekstra

more stuff... for a maccy christmas as well...

Right… somehow this has been quite a lucky week, in terms of getting my hands on the right hardware (imho of course)... :D

So, next to a closet full of Sun Ultra’s & monster-scsi-grunt on my desktop, I now have a kitchentable full of mac-goodies

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The iMac (with a post-it) I picked up yesterday afternoon. My good friend Folkert informed me this week if I was interested in a broken iMac… well, hell yeah! ;-) The Post-It on it reads (translated) “very broke! image is green + grey”. Well, the CRT most definitely is borked… but… it boots OS X just fine, so the logic in there is fine as far as I can see. Nijne has an old iMac which needs repair also and I’m pretty sure I can make one fine iMac out of both and I also begin to get some project-ideas what to do with the logic-board of an Imac alone… but more on that later.

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...and then… 2 quite rare eMates 300! I picked them up just an hour or two ago and I need at least one of them for a project of which I can’t be too specific at the moment (oeh, hush hush) but in a while I can… :-) And when I was looking for an eMate 300, I found a seller who had 2 of them and since my Mac Classic II is starting to act up lately, I’m gonna make a serial terminal out of that one, connected to the stuff in my closet.

I really hate it BTW that my Classic II is acting strange… I still love the machine and it really isn’t my style to have malfunctioning hardware around… The symptom is, it needs 2 hours or such to wake up, then it works fine. I think one of the capacitors is leaking or such, I’m not sure…

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...and a close-up of this beauty :D

...and totally unrelated… sometimes it helps to be able to fix someting…

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...like my washingmachine on Christmas Eve… hey! I needed some clean clothes… ;-)

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  1. kevin @ 25 December 2005, 10:26 :

    those are sweeet.

  2. Jon @ 27 December 2005, 07:45 :

    Try the FirmWare Update on the iMac before you do anything rash! It’s a known problem on the slotloaders, and that sounds just like the symptoms (bad/odd video after OS X install)

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