23 December 2005, 15:30 by mark hoekstra

stuff for a merry christmas...

Well… Nijne is getting drunk with her grandma... and I’m going to have fun with this christmas-present I gave myself :D

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two brand-spankingly-new 36GB Maxtor Atlas 15KII disks… (and a SCSI U320 controller I already had…)

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I’m busy transferring my Gentoo-install from the single 80GB IDE drive to this ultra-fast SCSI-RAID array… (and yes, I run them in a RAID0-stripe! two smaller versions of the fastest(more or less) drives available, in stripe… this is gonna rock!)

...and I got some results… :D

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/dev/hda3 & /dev/hda4 were my old root (/) and data (/data) filesystem
/dev/sda3 & /dev/sda4 are my new root(/) and data(/data) filesystem…

The speed of this RAID0-stripe array is roughly triple that of my old single 80GB 8MB cache IDE-disk :D:D:D

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  1. the unknown lurker @ 25 December 2005, 19:35 :

    Wow, the benchmark looks impressive. I don’t know the specs of these drives, but I’d expect two high-performance 15krpm SCSI-drives to be quite noisy. Maybe not that noisy like one of the first 7.2krpm drives I once had (turning it on sounded like a plane taking off), but still noisy enough to be annoying when in use in a workstation. Or isn’t it?!

  2. mark @ 26 December 2005, 00:49 :

    Well, I thought it would be noisy too, but it really isn’t. These are 2nd gen (or 3rd even?) 15K drives and when idle, I don’t hear them at all(the little background-noise my workstation makes is louder). When they read/write, they make more noise than a SATA or IDE-drive, but to me it’s not annoying. I even like the grunt they make :D but hey, that’s why I’m a hardware-geek I guess ;-)

    I now use ‘em for a day or two and it’s one of those upgrades you hardly notice… until you switch back, then you know the difference… (it’s more like an itch that stops… normally it would annoy the sh*t out of me when I had a drive clogging up a few times a day) in other words, it all runs very smooth and I’m very happy with this setup…

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