18 December 2005, 23:49 by nijne

amiga lives!

because i used to be SO hooked on our amiga 2000 and because i miss it so i decided it was time for an amiga emulator

it’s quite elaborate but YAY!
roms can be found here every amiga game ever released here

and now a pic of one of my favourite amiga games!

right, time to strain my wrist some more <3

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  1. brob @ 19 December 2005, 17:25 :

    Erm… did I miss something?

    Who is nijne?

    I checked the about page but it still just talks about mark?

    whats going on

    oh yeah and I still have my amiga somewhere. rox!

  2. mark @ 19 December 2005, 20:09 :

    hey brob,

    Nijne is the most wonderful girl who helps me out with posting on this site. She posted an introduction-post last week, but I see that one just scrolled of the frontpage…

    I updated the about-page :-) (thanks for pointing me to that ;-))

  3. Tarmas @ 19 December 2005, 21:49 :

    Cheers the Ninje! Ninja, whatever ;)

  4. Tarmas @ 19 December 2005, 21:51 :

    *the=to. Damn, too much beer, not enough sleep, or was it the other way around. I don’t remember :)

  5. phylum sinter @ 19 December 2005, 22:21 :

    For those not awesome enough to have owned an amiga, the picture linked is from the same series as the irrepressible Bubble Bobble—a triumph of pink cuteness and dinosaurs everywhere. Still fetches a decent asking price on ebay, too [for the NES version].

    p.s. i think it’s pronounced like “nine-uh”, or Nina with a hard ‘I’ :D

  6. nijne @ 19 December 2005, 22:29 :

    actually you pronounce it [nine-uh]


  7. Tarmas @ 19 December 2005, 22:45 :

    OK, OK. Cheers Nine-Uh…

    Buuuuuut… I’ll still pronunce it Ninja, just for the fun of it ;]

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