12 December 2005, 22:36 by nijne

just call me [9eh]

Vector vixen~*, 133f, thinks, designs, loves, loves design, reads, <3, thinks, obliquely smiling, sings, writes, Adobe Illustrator, computers, ambition, NUNZIO, (+.+)(-.-)(_ _) ..zzZZ [insomnia] sleep is futile, hectic, science, guavajuice, knowledge, design, cmyk, slsk, wtf, wine, w(o)W oo--- watashi nihongo hanase mase--n, pink, art deco, patrick wolf, indietronics, idm, M U S I C, kurt elling, bubbles, fractals, fonts, lime green, nou en, styrofoam, spring, frou frou, kawaii, doozo yoroshiku?, 10 prints ‘hi’ 20 goto 10, phylumsinter, $just@when->$you$ {thought} s/yn/tax/&couldn\’t%get$worse; ,o(><;)(;><)o, insomniac hermit, vegetables, balance, novel23, ms. snugglebunny von squeeziebutt, omg, 9eh, xlr8, stfu, (((o(o”)o))), carelessness causes fire, syntax error, digitonal, freezepop, angelic fruitcake, dntel, more wine, learning, postal service, m3rck, city centre offices, transluscence, styrofoam, a bump in the road, qwerty, machinedrum, sneezing, home is where my ass is, mindmaze, naussea, art is love> love is art, boogygirls stick together, amiga, equations, baileys, hans appelqvist, the notwist, sugar and spice, electrical charm offensive, lame ass twat wanker prick wek sodding mouse eating pilly puff, philosophy, psychology, science, thinking, tarwater, as tu un tarte?, 9align, ilkae, string theory, anthropic principle, thinking, designing, kent, electric charm offensive™, japanese smileys (-”-;), Twibs my musicdealer, ascii demon, {[(--)(--)]}, dancing, jazz, twenties, , ^5, couches in alleys, chaos, pi, billie holiday, science, pie, quorn, jugend stil, raspberries, erlend oye, nieuwe garde, nibble my noble nose, universe, incense, innocence, stars, dull blue light, cooking, discovery, manual, the smell of rain in spring, cherry lipgloss, frank sinatra, mascara, melancholy, (*˚-ˇ*), jean pierre jeunet, sneezing, witty, passion, dynamic, neurokinetic, compulsive, internet addicted, paradox, spare time, socialism, rose petals, skype, la cite des enfants perdus, lemon, heartshaped lips, the robot ate me, symmetric stacks of paper, xela, metamorphosis, angelica anonymous, snap peas, the smell of ink, pantone, helios, fruitjuice, the bad plus, dreams, diagram of suburban chaos, bubbelicious, the elegant universe, searching for pink clouds, depeche mode,
apple, equilibrium, \o/, ()/~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(((((;),
come get lost with me..

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  1. bios @ 13 December 2005, 20:46 :


  2. Giulio @ 13 December 2005, 23:25 :

    Can’t find massage or backrubs. Thats all i need!

  3. replique rolex montres @ 26 December 2010, 16:02 :

    l’odeur d’autres tissus, l’odeur ou odeur si évident,

As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.

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