21 November 2005, 07:06 by mark hoekstra

Monday Morning Promotion

geektechnique’s gained some banners (look to your right, oh there!)


Well, let me tell you… I run this site now for 2 1/2 years and especially the last couple of months have seen quite a rise in traffic, which is all brilliant of course… But even though I managed to move this thing from my closet, to a friends’ spare bedroom, to the datacenter it is now… (and from a 180MHz MIPS via a 1.2GHz Athlon to a dual 2.4GHz Xeon) without any funding or hard cash at all (except my own 2 nickles and dimes I sometimes happen to have), the time has come to try to at least break even on the hosting… (and let me tell you, we’re not even close yet).

So, from now on… on Monday Morning, I’ll present you with a (drumroll please) Promotion! :D

Now, don’t be afraid, I’m not gonna sell my soul to the devil here… I honestly quite like this first promotion :-)

Dr. Dobb’s Journal

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About Dr. Dobb’s Journal

Since 1976, DDJ has led the computer press in covering practical technology. Unlike many magazines that focus exclusively on a single platform, language, or even a single development tool, we have over twenty years of experience covering all languages, platforms, and tools. Our authors, like our readers, are professional software developers that want to revise proposed standards, explore new technologies, argue over programming style, and share tricks of the trade.

And guess what? I can offer you (yes, you!), a free subscription! (click that link to sign up). There are no catches and you won’t be charged… If you like any of the other magazines on the right better, be my guest… sign up and you’ll be my hero! (if that’s what you like, otherwise you’ll be some pretty girls hero) :-)

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