24 October 2004, 22:15 by mark hoekstra

It’s a new webserver!

Well, not quite yet, but I’m getting there :-) Some time ago I decided it was time to get more power into my webserver. My current webserver, a brilliant little Silicon Graphics Challenge S has done great. In 1.5 years of serving it rebooted twice because of poweroutages, but that’s it! (highest uptime 330 days). But times have changed, My little Challenge is still great in spitting out static pages, but as soon as it’s CPU is involved, it’s age starts to show. (If I wait a little longer, I have a faster CPU in my phone than in my webserver ;-))... So, time to move on! First, I dreamed of having a bigger, brutal SGI, and actually, I picked on up by train :-) But… it turned out to be not such a good choice, loud, big and most important, I couldn’t get it to run at all(and there was no way I could get the defective parts replaced) :-) So, then I decided I’d go where I wouldn’t go before and that’s just building a box of PC-parts and get a lot of bang for the buck. That’s where I’m now. It will take some while before I configured it and am able to co-locate it and pick my little Challenge up… (although it will be a tough moment to remove the ‘Silicon Graphics’-logo from this site…)


the bootscreen, Asus A7M266, Duron 1300, 512MB


an anonymous case… with a blue led! w00t! ;-)


and the inner parts… I still have to put in the SCSI-disk.


But I wanted to make sure this SCSI-card worked… it comes from the Origin200 and so a tiny bit of SGI is still in my soon-to-be webserver :-)


and it works! :-)

P.S. The OS of choice this time is NetBSD, an OS I started to like on my old SPARCstation 2 :-)

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