9 October 2005, 18:36 by mark hoekstra

all busy and no updates...

...what’s up with that?!

Well… this was how my kitchentable looked yesterday-evening…

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full of projects and now it’s empty, so what’s it all about?


I fixed the MD-player… it belongs to a friend of mine and she asked nicely if I could take a look why it wouldn’t work. So I did, and it turned out the mechanism to keep it closed (unless you push the open-button) got a little stuck and a little switch didn’t get switched that way, so it refused to play…

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Then, what’s up with the Sun & the Apple? Well… the Apple is a serial terminal to the Sun, since that machine doesn’t have a videocard. Normally, this setup is in my closet, acting as a transparent bridge, but I took it out since I bought this awesome networkcard for my Sun,

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a true quad happy meal, (that’s 4×100mbit) for which I have some plans, but I won’t tell yet what I’m gonna do with it. I’ll document the whole project, but this weekend it was Sun-refurbishment-time and check if this card was allright…

(if you wonder what Sun refurbishment means (over at my place)... it’s nothing more than getting the CPU-fan out, giving it a little oil and tada! fixed for another year or such… oh, I did install OpenBSD 3.7 on there, fresh, and put it back into my closet, so I can start this project whenever I have time for it …oh, and this quad-nic works! yay!)

And then.. the camera, why was it in pieces on my kitchentable? Also here I won’t go into details, partly because I haven’t written the How-to yet and I want to take it with me to the Maker Faire and not publish it before :-)

But… a trained eye will be able to spot what I did here…

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So, am I finished for this weekend? I’m afraid not… my ibook keyboard-repair is acting up, not the cleaning of course, but the part where I repaired the film-contact… so… I’ll have to take a look at that.. although… maybe I should be doing that later this week or such… cause all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy :-)

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As mentioned in the Message from Mark's family this site has been made static. This means that it will be no longer possible to comment on his ideas and projects, but that we all can continue to cherish his creativity.

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