7 October 2005, 13:48 by mark hoekstra

bathrobe - geek chique

(regular readers of this site must figure I’ve gone mad by now … I mean, socks, bathrobes, WTF!?)

After a hectic weekend last july (translated page) when the original Nieuwe-Garde-server went down and we placed my server in a datacenter here in town (translated page), Lykle of Nieuwe Garde (translated page) figured the tile alone wasn’t enough anymore and he thought I should be nominated with a ‘Nieuwe Garde Webkoning’-bathrobe…

...and guess what, he/they held promise!

So, here I am, with this geek-chique bathrobe!

click to enlarge

...waking up behind the computer… :D

click to enlarge

...and a close-up of the awesome print

So, guys, to all of you… thank you!

BTW, those translated pages aren’t really very well translated… :D

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  1. Tarmas @ 8 October 2005, 13:03 :

    Not very well translated, ey? What do you think of this then: babelfish... (:

  2. mark @ 8 October 2005, 15:39 :

    OMG! ;-)

  3. Tarmas @ 8 October 2005, 22:20 :

    Thought so… (Even though I don’t uderstand a single word in Dutch.) Good thing Babelfish doesn’t have a Polish translation in their [i]repertoire[/i] of options. I’d be probably depressed for the rest of the weekend, to say the least… ;)

  4. Tarmas @ 8 October 2005, 22:23 :

    I mean repertoire. God, Textpattern’s got some strange ways of formatting text…

  5. mark @ 9 October 2005, 22:32 :

    Well, it’s using textile for formatting text, although I prefer using HTML when writing my posts for this page :-)

  6. Rutger @ 15 October 2005, 19:48 :

    Can I get some credits for the design of the print? Drumroll please!!! ;)

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