7 August 2005, 19:21 by mark hoekstra

definition of "hacker"

...there are millions of definitions out there and almost as many wrong ones imho, but gapingvoid sure does understand:

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and from the comments:

In a meeting this week the word ‘hacker’ was brought up in a negative way. I butt in and said how much I admired hackers, that they do brilliant, vital work and how hackers are exactly what we need more of…. then I suddenly realised it was silent. I could hear a pin drop. Eyes looking at me. Like I had farted really loudly or something.

They kind of don’t get it, do they?

Posted by gia at August 7, 2005 01:37 AM

BTW, I hadn’t visited gapingvoid in weeks (or maybe months) so boy, did I have some catching up to do (which I loved!)

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