5 August 2005, 20:44 by mark hoekstra

Is It Wrong to Love Microsoft?

Now on /. “Given most comments on Slashdot, it would appear that anyone with even a slight knowledge of computers hates Microsoft. An article on CoolTechZone, though, argues that not everyone should dismiss Microsoft outright. According to Varun Dubey, Linux is over-rated, Macs aren’t worthy and Windows deserves respect and some love.”

Sure, ...so what do these geniuses come up with today? (and this is only today…)

Windows Vista demands monitors with copy-protection for best viewing

Right… one loveable company who’s goal it is to get us a splendid userexperience, instead of just making money, right?

So, imho, is it wrong to love Microsoft? No, of course not, but don’t expect me to understand…

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