26 July 2005, 20:10 by mark hoekstra

ibook finished! (well, sort of...)


click the picture for a larger version

click the picture for a larger version

click the picture for a larger version

Well, I’ve got very little time at this moment to post a full making of…, but this is it! The finished ibook :-) I can assure you multiple things went wrong in the process getting it to this stage… but more details on that later…

Anyways, I wanted a unique ibook to take to WhatTheHack (I leave thursday) and I think I succeeded in that :-)

click the picture for a larger version

this geek in his natural habitat…

Please tell me what you think of the ibook.

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  1. Karim @ 26 July 2005, 21:33 :

    Nice Ibook I like the color :P
    Can you please take a closer picture of the paintjob

  2. Jonty @ 26 July 2005, 22:20 :

    Aww, it’s a shame you couldn’t have painted the rest of the case (minus the keyboard/touchpad/power button/ports).
    That would have rocked!

  3. radrob @ 27 July 2005, 15:42 :

    yep! so fast mod! your color hakin’ was really snappy.. just a w/e and tada! four thumbs up..

  4. manuel.isai @ 10 July 2008, 19:20 :

    great mod, now to figure out the color for my ibook.

    off the subject, can you give some details on your coffee table/projector.

    thanks, great site!

  5. mark hoekstra @ 10 July 2008, 22:29 :

    well… a comment after three years (on this blogpost), how nice! :-)

    about the projector, that’s this one

    cheers and good luck

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